June 25


“Before You Know It” explores nationwide depth of LGBT history and culture

The Highlighter

by Kaitlin Gu


Filmmaker PJ Raval’s latest documentary, “Before You Know It,” represents the living experiences of three elderly gay men: Ty Martin, a gay rights activist who provides a space for the LGBTQ community in Harlem with his work with the organization SAGE, Dennis, a widower who enters into an age of discovery in his 70’s, and Robert “The Mouth,” the sassy owner of a bar in Galveston, Texas, home to many LGBTQ youth. “Before You Know It”demonstrates the fluidity of gay culture, with each subject of the film acting as a source of identification that transcends race, gender, and age. Washington Square News had a chance to sit down with Raval and Martin, who have witnessed the incredible change in LGBTQ history.

Where did you get the inspiration for the film?

I was at a reception for the film “Trinidad”and I found myself with a…

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