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September 19

Everything Wrong With “Twilight” In 6 Minutes Or Less

You demanded it, and we suffered through watching it multiple times. We’re scarred for life, but here’s your sins video for Twilight, the modern vampire love story everyone either loves or loves to hate. Cinema Sins took on the original 2008 “Twilight,” and counted the number of mistakes and sins in the film. From “This […]

Why Twilight Sucks: A Comprehensive Analysis By A Writer Who Actually Read It

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Based on everything I’d heard about Twilight, including a basic synopsis sprinkled with some finer details (like the sparkling), I could only assume that Stephanie Meyer was yet another author who managed to squeeze out a literary turd and somehow convince a publisher that it was solid gold.…

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 sweeps the Razzies

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 sweeps the Razzies and that ain’t the punchline. So I am a Twihard, a Twilighter, a fanpire, one who loves all things Twilight. For fuck sake, when I was living in Australia I paid an ungodly sum of money to buy the books. Twilight sweeping the Razzies has to be […]