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March 31

Around The World in 1 Week: Flying Business Class

Today I entered a new hemisphere with my flying experience. I am trying out Business Class for the first time. So far it is incredible. We are working from the Business Class Lounge in the airport. It is like a different world. Massage chairs. Full food bar. Entertainment center. And enough newspapers and sweeping windows […]

March 29

Around The World in 1 Week: Arriving Frankfurt

After 11 hours, my coworker – Zoya – and I arrived in Frankfurt. We were a bit bleary eyed and certainly tired. But it was a fantastic journey. I spent most of the flight reading Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” and learning about the Lost Generation. Frankfurt was first mentioned in text in 794. The […]

March 28

Around The World in 1 Week: Leaving SFO

Bucket list item #31. Purchase an around the world ticket and fly across time zones from San Francisco to San Francisco. Well I am off on my next work trip which will take me from Europe to Asia back home to the Americas. To be candid, I didn’t intend to complete this bucket list item […]

March 23


Originally posted on Live Freely, love:
Tomorrow I am heading to New York City and my small bag of travel must-haves needed updating. As a woman, I’m (and I speak for we), are always bombarded constantly with every new product under the sun from so-called ‘volumizing’ shampoos to that cream that will surely slough off ten…

February 04

Evening in Bali

It was a decade ago that I was last in Bali. I was visiting the island on a graduation trip with one of my close college buddies. We went surfing, explored the food and hiked the mountains. Now a good friend is in Indonesia and experiencing the island life. I am sharing a photo from […]

January 17

Samantha Brown: Chicago Travel & Adventure Show

December 27

How to Piss Off A Swede

Originally posted on Fresh Off The Plane:
I lived in Sweden for a year while studying abroad and it is one of my favorite places in the world. This is written with love and in jest 🙂 —————- If you have ever pissed off a Swede, then you must be an absolutely insufferable human being.…

December 13

My Next Adventure, The Rickshaw Run

The Rickshaw Run is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things you can do with your travel time. Who is in? I am looking for 3 adventurists to join Kevin Young and I on a race across India. Rickshaw Run is a trek in which 70 teams from around the world complete a 3,500km […]

November 24

7 Days in Germany: Home in San Francisco

After seven wonderful days abroad, I have arrived back in San Francisco. How I miss my home town. The city of Emperor Norton, the city that popularized the Irish Coffee, the city of social deviants… how I missed thee. Time to see Max and Zoe, enjoy Starbucks iced coffee the way it should be made, and […]

November 23


Berlin has a hipster element and yes it is decidedly gritty in parts. It is a city where graffiti isn’t vandalism, it is art. It is a city and a people who had embraced the past no matter how bad it was and are running with it headlong into the future. Today I leave the […]