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May 18

Grey’s Anatomy: Cristina & Meredith Goodbye Dance

The twisted sisters are no more. Cristina Yang left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and best friend Meredith Grey to fulfill her potential in Switzerland on the “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale Thursday. Why do we love Cristina Yang? Well I think Cosmopolitan said it best: “She’s one of the first characters on television to prove that […]

April 17

My TV Crush: Adam Pally

Adam Pally is part fraternity guy, part funnyman, part scruff. He is the new Channing Tatum for this guy. Check out the new episode of “The Mindy Project.”

April 13

Super Friends – Golden Girls Edition

What happens when four super friends retire and move to Miami to share a ranch style home? This is a pilot I’d like to propose to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, if I knew anyone who worked there, and if all the licenses could be obtained. Thanks to Andrew Gold for the composition of Thank You […]

March 23

30 Years of Great TV Farewells

From Walter Cronkite to (just recently) Regis Philbin, here is a look back at fond television farewells over the last three decades, though some of them still continued to do some other work (including Regis, who is returning to daily TV with “Crowd Goes Wild” on the new Fox Sports 1 channel).

February 26

“Looking” A Step Back

The tagline for HBO’s “Looking” is ‘Find Something Real.’ And that is the problem. The TV series doesn’t ring true with the progress of the times. “Queer as Folk” and “The L Word” tried to tackle┬áthe challenges, the victories, and radicalism of the era. Now that HBO has renewed “Looking” for a second season, the […]

February 25

“What would Jessica Fletcher do?”

Growing up, I used to watch “Murder, She Wrote” religiously. There was something about Jessica B. Fletcher that appealed.┬áMy love of Murder, She Wrote is equal parts nostalgia and a rebellion. J.B. Fletcher used to run circles around the Cabot Cove police and come home in time to brew some tea. Well today I get […]

February 24

Ryan Gosling Explaining What It Is Like to be an Actor

‘Drive’ heartthrob Ryan Gosling gives an entertaining insight into the perils of the Hollywood audition in this clip, also featuring Alec Baldwin, from award-winning director James Toback’s latest documentary “Seduced and Abandoned.”