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Why Disco Won

Originally posted on the next wave:
I was watchng a documentary about the guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers, who together with his musical collaborator Bernard Edwards had, with Chic and (as producer) Sister Sledge, a golden run of hits in the late 1970s, at the height of the disco boom. And then – after the…

May 30

The Facts of Life

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life. There’s a time you got to go and show You’re growin’ now you know about The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life. When the world never seems to be livin […]

A Quotation About Laughter From Mark Twain

May 29

The Tweet Exchange Heard Round the World

via Dlisted. Courtney Love gave Amanda Bynes a little advice from one mess to another mess on Twitter yesterday: If Courtney told any of us to get it together, we’d find out what “it” is and immediately get it together. Because when Courtney tells you to get it together…. But of course, Amanda stayed sitting in the mean girls section of […]

Vivid 2013 Photos (Epic Sydney Day Trip Part Two)

Originally posted on Wanton Creation:
Vivid is a huge “lights, music and ideas” spectacular that is run across much of the harbour side of Sydney city for a few weeks each May and June. With light shows across Circular Quay (in view of many famous buildings, Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge), The Rocks,…

TV Nostalgia Hits a High

Originally posted on Thelma:
With just a few days remaining before the release of 15 brand new Arrested Development episodes on Netflix, the hype built up over the last year is raising into a crescendo. All fans of the show—whether they watched the series when it first aired, binged on its DVD/Netflix availability long after,…

Telescope on the moon to provide Earth views

Space enthusiast, self-professed geek, and lover of all things unique… all aspects to my personality get excited at the possibility of a telescope on the moon.