Vivid 2013 Photos (Epic Sydney Day Trip Part Two)

For one year, I lived in the amazing city of Sydney, Australia. It was a great time. I am reblogging this post because of its coverage of Vivid. The writing takes me back to the best city on the planet.

Wanton Creation

Vivid is a huge “lights, music and ideas” spectacular that is run across much of the harbour side of Sydney city for a few weeks each May and June. With light shows across Circular Quay (in view of many famous buildings, Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge), The Rocks, Walsh Bay, and over at Darling Harbour an awesome water show timed to music, there is plenty to see once the sun goes down (the show starts at 6pm).

Last Saturday, after the Sydney Writers’ Festival, I spent a few hours traipsing around the city with some friends as we checked out Vivid. I took lots of photos and videos, and thought it was worth sharing some of the photos with you guys (even though I’m a pretty rubbish photographer, but whatever). I might show the videos too in another post, but they’re quite big files – I might need…

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