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Meet the Real Most Interesting Man in the World

via He’s called the Most Interesting Man in the World, the debonair Renaissance man in those Dos Equis radio and TV ads with the outrageous one-liners: His enemies list him as their emergency contact number; he doesn’t stick with just flour or corn, but switches freely between the two; he’s the only man to […]

University of Michigan President Retires

via University of Michigan Official News. President Mary Sue Coleman, whose leadership of the university has expanded the institution’s commitment to both academic collaborations and economic development, will retire in July 2014. Coleman said Thursday she would conclude her tenure as U-M’s 13th president when her current contract expires. She made the announcement at the […]

New Zealand Becomes 13th Nation To Legalize Gay Marriage

New Zealand has become the 13th country in the world, and the first in the Asia-Pacific region, to legalize same-sex marriage. The entire Parliament broke into song after the bill was passed. I love Kiwis.

Runners unite in online movement to #RunforBoston

Runners unite in online movement to #RunforBoston. The day after a tragedy like Monday’s bombing of the Boston Marathon often comes with a feeling of helplessness, especially if you’re far away. We can donate money or blood to the American Red Cross for future emergencies, but many are unsure of what else to do. So […]

Chicago Tribune Sports Section Pays Tribute to Boston

via NESN. What to do during a tragedy such as the events at the Boston Marathon on Monday is always a tricky proposition for sports media. Kudos to the Chicago Tribune’s sports section for rising to the occasion. On Tuesday, the paper’s sports section featured a single image dominating most of the page, a black […]

#FightHIV – Together We Can Win

AIDS loses when we all know how it spreads and how to stop it. Use Twitter and Facebook to share these key facts. Every 9.5 minutes, someone in the U.S. becomes infected with #HIV. 1/5 don’t know. Get tested. #AIDSWillLose Click to access hiv_prev_us.pdf 1/2 of 34 million ppl living with #HIV are women and […]

Chalk supplies are running low as the #DIYRainbow Crossings pop up worldwide

The phenomenon of the #DIYRainbow is popping up worldwide since the removal of the rainbow crossing at Sydney’s Taylor Square. Chalk rainbow crossings have appeared as far a field as Kenya and Phoenix, Arizona, in New South Wales rural centers and across state lines in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. The crossing was painted for the […]

Remembering My Moment with Lady Thatcher

Remembering My Moment with Lady Thatcher. From her views on being a woman in a very male world (“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman”), to her reputation as Britain’s Iron Lady (“I love argument. I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there […]

Social Media: Age Doesn’t Matter

Social Media: Age Doesn’t Matter. By Scribbling in Heels 2.0 Okay, yes it does. Just like every marketing and advertising strategy, you need to know where your audience is. You need to know where you’re targeting and what age groups are where. Given a recent study from the Pew Research Center, it’s safe to assume that if […]

April 10

Documentary on Knight Rider

Backstory on the 1982 to 1986 NBC TV series.