Chalk supplies are running low as the #DIYRainbow Crossings pop up worldwide


The phenomenon of the #DIYRainbow is popping up worldwide since the removal of the rainbow crossing at Sydney’s Taylor Square. Chalk rainbow crossings have appeared as far a field as Kenya and Phoenix, Arizona, in New South Wales rural centers and across state lines in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

The crossing was painted for the 35th Mardi Gras festival earlier this year at a cost of £75,000 and was a municipal icon. The City of Sydney won approval for a one-month trial but wanted to make the crossing permanent because of its popularity.

For me, the DIY rainbow crossing was about connecting people with the history of the neighborhood. I lived in Darlinghurst for six months and loved my time there. I hope that the next time I travel to Australia that the crossing is back. I don’t think it is the end of the rainbow on Oxford Street.

Also, I think the Ministers of Sydney are learning that you never pick a fight with the LGBT community.