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August 09

Travel Reblogs: A White Dress

August 02

Jamaica Days: Home Sweet Home

Ironically enough the airline lost my bags on the way back to San Francisco. One must love the symmetry in life. The flight was also delayed getting back into the city. All-in-all it was an extraordinary trip. I love Jamaica. I love San Francisco even more. Jamaica was country 43 that I have visited. I […]

July 26

Jamaica Days: Day 002 – A Lazy Day in Runaway Bay

We woke up on the island to the sound of people playing on the beach. The resort is full of European and South American families. I took a walk along the beach and then took a swim in the infinity pool. Both of us were feeling a bit tired so we hung around the facilities […]

July 25

Jamaica Days: Day 001 – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Suit Cases

We arrived in beautiful Jamaica on time. However, upon making it to baggage claim I found out my bags hung back an extra day in the States. With a smile on my face and a drink in my hand we boarded the bus for our resort. * Note to self, it is always better to […]

July 24

Jamaica Days: Day 000 – Leaving San Francisco

There’s always a part of me that hates leaving San Francisco. No matter how exotic the end destination. I love my city. I love the way the fog hangs over the skyline. I made my way to the airport and grabbed some food along the way. Jamaica seems so far away, but I am very […]

April 02

Around The World in 1 Week: An Adventure a Day

My driver today was quite the sage. We chatted as he weaved the car throughout traffic during monsoon-like rain. Singapore was just plain wet. One thing that came up during our conversation was how to live life fully. The driver shared stories about the passengers he had taken around Singapore during his 20+ year career. […]

March 05

My Visit to Google

Today I visited my friend at her work – Google. To be honest, I felt like Channing Tatum in “Step Up.” In the movie, Channing plays Tyler Gage – a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who visits the Maryland School of Arts. He comes to befriend Jenna Dewan – played by Nora Clark. […]

September 10

Between the Dreaming and Coming True.

Originally posted on SAMO4PREZ:
We are somewhere over Casablanca right now at 1:00am. I can not sleep, this is normal for me on a plane.  So I make a new play list on my ipod that consists of… Bon Iver, Daughter, Hammock, Motopony, Jose Gonzalez, Active Child …all in order to set my mind at ease.  I am surrounded…

September 02

Welcome to the Philippines – Part 1 – The South

Originally posted on alexnorthrule:
By far an away my favourite country of the three in Asia I have visited, the Philippines will always fill me with joy when I think back to the month I spent there. Each place I visited was different to the last, whether it is the south down in Palawan with…