September 10


Between the Dreaming and Coming True.


We are somewhere over Casablanca right now at 1:00am. I can not sleep, this is normal for me on a plane.  So I make a new play list on my ipod that consists of…

Bon Iver, Daughter, Hammock, Motopony, Jose Gonzalez, Active Child

…all in order to set my mind at ease.  I am surrounded by beautiful people that been captivating me with their stories. Stories of their Ethiopian heritage, the struggles of their culture, the differences in their tribes, and the corruption of their government that keeps the people in a constant struggle.  Children walk by me and smile and laugh every hour or so. One kid walked by straight into my stomach with a head butt laughing! I am already in love.

Somewhere over Casablanca Somewhere over Casablanca

I am yet to meet a face that does not come with a smile, not a curtesy smile, but a smile in the truest of form.  My friend…

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