September 09


Castle Shopping


Putri means princess in Indonesian. Hence, why it was necessary to visit two beautiful, Romanian castles during this roadtrip.
The first castle is Peleș Castle: Visit their website

Ticket prices range between 20 RON-50 RON (About 6 RON – 15 RON), but if you have a student ID card, it will save you a lot of money!

In order to take pictures INSIDE the castle, you must pay an additional photo fee. We did take pictures inside the castle 🙂

It was built between 1870’s-1910’s in the Carpathian Mountains of the city Sinaia. The Castle’s first resident was King Carol of Romania and his Queen Elisabeth. In 1947, The Communist regime seized all royal property which included Peleș Castle. It reopened in 1953 as a tourist attraction and museum, but was shortly closed by Ceausescu between 1975-1990; stating that the property was a “State Protocol Interest Area”. Fun fact though…

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