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January 13

Leelah’s Legacy

December 23

Trans Equality

On a Monday evening, I discovered the TV series Transparent. It is about the journey one Transgender person embarks on. Lets start the post with one distinction: Sex and gender are 2 different things. Sex is between your legs. Gender is between your ears. I have the utmost respect for the Trans Community. They are […]

August 19

Living in Two Worlds: Falling in Love When You Are Transgendered

via The Huffington Post. I am submitting this piece because sometimes the voices we need to hear most are the ones we don’t often have the opportunity to hear. My dear friend Wes is one of my favourite humans, not to mention a wicked community developer who romantically moonlights as a pretty hip barber. His […]

July 21

Flash Back: Paris Transgender Community Circa 1950’s

Christer Strömholm was a photographer who captured the lives of Paris’ transgender community in the 1950’s. His exhibit is pretty remarkable. I am sharing some of the photos and the introduction to his book to continue the conversation around the T in LGBT. “This is a book about insecurity. A portrayal of those living a […]