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A List of People Injured or Killed by Guns on ‘Gun Appreciation Day’

via Gawker. Here is a list of people injured or killed by guns on ‘Gun Appreciation Day.’ Thank you to Gawker for pulling this list together. A 14-year-old suburban Atlanta boy shot and killed his 15-year-old brother while playing with their mother’s handgun. A 26 year old was shot and killed while driving in San Francisco. A woman in […]

Sign of the Times from Washington State

#MarriageEquality #LGBT #MEdayWA

A Modern Democracy of Only Two Political Parties

Given all the recent discussion of the fiscal cliff, I thought it is a good time to revisit a discourse on modern politics. Most people don’t want to hear amateur bloggers (or actors for that matter) mouth off about their views on Washington. I thought I would share views from the author, journalist, and master […]