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November 27

The Family Thanksgiving Tradition You Just Can’t Stand – White House Edition

Good to know even the President of the United States isn’t exempt from teenage side-eye. It’s like a parental rite of passage. Today, President Obama held the annual tradition of pardoning a turkey. Best part about the ceremony was that his daughters – Sasha and Malia – could barely contained their disdain for the production. […]

November 03

Let’s Leave the Bible Out of the Ballot Box

July 25

The Good Men Project: How to be openly gay and in school – high school

I remember high school. It was brutal. I have made respect for anyone who comes out in high school and separates themselves from the pack to announce who they truly are. This article highlights some of those heroes.

July 14

Left Behind / How LGBT Young People Are Excluded from Economic Prosperity

January 15

Nightly Thoughts: Political Ruminations

The only thing more annoying than an actor or actress getting political are your friends getting political on Facebook or WordPress. That said, I totally agree with the progress of LGBT equality in today’s society. In 29 states people can still be fired for being gay. There still is a patchwork of marriage and relationship […]

December 23

Utah’s Battle Over Gay Marriage Is Over

December 20, 2013 was an emotional, landmark day for the people of Utah and all over the world. It was announced that Amendment 3 in Utah was overturned and same sex couples were allowed to marry. People rushed downtown to be married, show their love, and show us what courage looks like.

December 21

The Price of Freedom

Photographer Molhem Barakat, who freelanced for Reuters covering the civil war in Syria, died on Friday while photographing a battle between rebels and government loyalists over a hospital.