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December 17

Life on the Beach

Life is better at the beach, isn’t it? I mean, we believe in the philosophy so much that we made it our motto. Days seem to pass so quickly. It is nice to stop. And watch the shadows change as the sun rises, hits its peak, and then sets. A drink at the beach – […]

December 09


Joni Mitchell wrote the song, “Little Green” which is about the child the singer gave up for adoption. Mitchell later explained: “I was dirt poor. An unhappy mother does not raise a happy child. It was difficult parting with the child, but I had to let her go.” Art and the true meaning of art […]

November 04

Perspectives on Capitalism

Capitalism in different countries, explained with cows. Who knew cows could be so informative?

November 03

Let’s Leave the Bible Out of the Ballot Box

September 15

Taking Responsibility for Your Dreams

Originally posted on Choose Your Own Adventure:
Sometimes I feel like I would be happier if my life were simpler. Here I am, in a foreign country, not knowing where my next paycheck is going to come from. What in the hell am I doing? Wouldn’t I feel much more safe and secure being back…

August 17

20 reasons to love Naples accordingly to the travel blogger Mattie Bamman

Originally posted on The Mill Italy:
Mattie is a famous blogger of viator.com, he is one who knows what to expect from a travel and he’s not that easy to impress him after he has seen half of the amazing places on this Earth…. I was quite surprised to find out that he has listed the 20 reasons why loving Naples…I…

August 04

Nicaragua: For Better or Worse

Originally posted on There and Back Again:
I was in Nicaragua with a couple friends 4 years and really loved the culture, people, and beautiful buildings. But this time I have to say that 95 degree days, really high humidity and no A/C do not really make for productive days so enjoy some pictures and not…

February 26

“Looking” A Step Back

The tagline for HBO’s “Looking” is ‘Find Something Real.’ And that is the problem. The TV series doesn’t ring true with the progress of the times. “Queer as Folk” and “The L Word” tried to tackle the challenges, the victories, and radicalism of the era. Now that HBO has renewed “Looking” for a second season, the […]

February 03

The Most Powerful Sense

It has been said that scent is the most powerful sense. It can bring you back to a time, a place. For instance, when I smell menthol lights and brisket I think of my grandmother’s house. For me, scent is surpassed by another sense. Hearing. Whenever I hear a song, a voice, an auditory stimulation […]

August 15

“Sex and the City” on Love