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November 05


What if living your dream meant living a lie? Stunning, emotional video presses the I.O.C. to condemn anti-gay discrimination in Russia.

August 28

LGBT groups hold protest against Coca-Cola for its sponsorship of Olympics

The Bloomberg News takes the Olympics to task, slamming them for their inaction and willful avoidance of Putin’s war on gays and anti-gay laws. Bloomberg also states that sponsors like Coke ‘will be tied to officially anti-gay Olympics.’

July 05

French Olympic Swimmers Pose as ‘Imaginary Gay Couple’ for Anti-Homophobia Campaign

Two male French Olympic swimmers have posed in an intimate shot as an “imaginary couple”, as part of a campaign to tackle homophobia, which also features images of Eva Longoria and Lara Fabian. The project is called “imaginary couples”, and includes shots of other models, featuring the caption: “A peaceful look on homosexuality”, and features […]