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June 26


Originally posted on Gay Travel America:
courtesy of google June 26, 2015, USA became the 21st country to legalize same sex marriage.  Hoorah! to LGBT community and to the world. All US states and US territories can legally issue marriage license to our beloved brothers and sisters of the same gender. Finally, Love wins. After the…

October 10

All It Took: 10 Years of Marriage Equality

Under the San Francisco city hall rotunda last night, I watched two guys I consider mentors and father-figures get married. The couple met a decade ago and took their relationship from friendship to boyfriends and boyfriends to fiances only recently. All it took to conduct the ceremony was a rabbi, four wooden sticks and a […]

June 17

A Mississippi Love Story

A Mississippi Love Story. I have a lot of heroes. My heroes are the ones who stay in the ring versus staying comfortably in the stands. This leads me to reblogging about a documentary “A Mississippi Love Story.” The documentary looks at boyfriends Eddie Outlaw and Justin McPherson who remained in their state to fight […]

March 29

First UK Same-Sex Marriage Takes Place

Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Gray Treadway have became the first same-sex couple to marry in the UK this morning. The ceremony took place at Camden Town Hall at one minute past midnight. Mayor of Camden Councillor Jonathan Simpson conducted the historic service alongside Registrar Tania Uddin and Deputy Superintendent Registrar Steven Lord. Speaking after the […]

March 04

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway Announces he won’t Appeal Gay Marriage Ruling

Today Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway announced he will not appeal a judge’s order to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states or jurisdictions. Attorney General Conway joins the attorneys general of California, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Virginia, as well the Attorney General of the United States, in concluding that discriminatory marriage laws are inconsistent with […]

December 23

Utah’s Battle Over Gay Marriage Is Over

December 20, 2013 was an emotional, landmark day for the people of Utah and all over the world. It was announced that Amendment 3 in Utah was overturned and same sex couples were allowed to marry. People rushed downtown to be married, show their love, and show us what courage looks like.

October 26

Gay Couples, Choosing to Say ‘I Don’t’

<nyt_text> When the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in June, Brian Blatz, 47, marched into the kitchen of Fiddleheads, the restaurant in Jamesburg, N.J., that he owns with Dan Davis, 58. “DOMA is dead,” Mr. Blatz said, before the pair turned their attention to opening the restaurant for lunch. And last […]

September 03

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd launches passionate gay marriage defense

Kevin Rudd rebukes a questioner on ABC Television’s Q&A program on the issue of whether he should have changed stance on gay marriage. When asked, he compares the fight for LGBT marriage equality with slavery.

August 30

“I Do”: Australian Marriage Equality

Great video for Australian Marriage Equality.

July 19

Queen Elizabeth Rips Chris Christie on Gay Marriage

Moments after approving a new law legalizing gay marriage in England and Wales, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain unleashed a blistering attack on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for “lacking the guts” to do the same. The British monarch’s brutal evisceration of Gov. Christie stunned observers, who did not know that she was such a […]