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July 12

This isn’t real life. This is “Dorm Life.”

Today on my blog I am dedicating to “Dorm Life.” Why you ask? Seriously it is one of the funniest web series I have ever seen. Take this with a grain of salt since I am a Bruin, the show was produced by Bruins at UCLA, but this content is awesome. “Dorm Life” is a […]

July 12

“Living the ‘Dorm Life’ on the Internet”

Dorm Life is a mockumentary episodic series that follows the lives of several college students on the same dorm floor. The series was shot at my alma mater – UCLA. The mockumentary takes place almost entirely within their dorm floor, 5 South. Each character has a webcam for the purpose of individual reflection or addresses to […]

July 12

“Dorm Life” Quotes

1) Gopher Reed: “That’s the risk you take with mystery hot girls. Once you take the mystery away, it’s just a hot girl. And hot girls can be lame.” 2) Shane Reilly: “We’re gonna go in there, and we’re gonna kick ass at finals, and we’re gonna have a sweet after finals party, and we’re […]