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September 24

20 Years of “Friends”, “Friends” Meets “Super Friends”

20 years of the television series “Friends.” Incredible. In honor of this incredible anniversary, let’s do a mashup “Friends” meets “Super Friends.” Sure this video made the rounds a few years ago, but always good to revisit old favorites. Television sure has changed since the days of “Friends” and “Super Friends.” I have my favorite […]

The Real Housewives of Disney

“The Real Housewives of Disney” where all the princes aren’t charming and Cinderella is a hot mess. I am still in the mourning phase of Kristen Wiig leaving Saturday Night Live, but I will sit shiva and watch this skit. This skit had some inspired moments and took us into the not-so-magical realm of sham marriages, bankruptcy, […]

January 10

Comedians are the Modern Poets

To understand Dov Davidoff’s humor you really only need to know two things about this New Jersey native: 1) he grew up in a junkyard and 2) lost his virginity to a prostitute in Mexico at the age of 12. If that doesn’t make you real, I don’t know what does. Comedians are the modern poets, […]