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July 01

Foodie Bucket List

Originally posted on Naturally Beautiful:
Since this week of the fitplan that I’m currently in is all about diet, I thought this would be the perfect time to make a summer foodie bucket list! This is a great way to try new foods and make a mess in the kitchen. Because, come on, that really is…

February 26

Assessing 2015

I thought two months into the year was a good time to examine and reevaluate my progress towards 2015 goals. I know New Year’s Resolutions can seem antiquated and tired. Personally, I love them. Below are my resolutions and bucket list items for the year. 2015 New Year’s Resolutions 1) A bad habit I’m going […]

February 20

Exploring Other People’s Bucket List Part 2

Originally posted on Indigo Blue Running Script:
I’ve decided to start a bucket list.  I know I’m young but that way I have more time to accomplish.  I want to fly in a plane, I want to jump out of a plane, I want to go to the mainland,  I want to go to Niagara…

February 15

Looking At Other People’s Bucket Lists

January 28

Where the Walkabout Ends

January 20

The Oscars Project

Life, death, bucket lists. One of the items on my bucket list was to watch every movie that won an Oscar. The Academy Awards®, otherwise known as Oscars®, have been presented annually since 1927 (the first awards ceremony was held in May 1929) by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As I finish films, […]

March 03

The Bucket List

Four years ago I completed an item on my bucket list without even realizing it. In 2009, I danced in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in a speedo and body paint. Let me tell you what courage is… being half naked in front of 300,000 people. It also, strangely enough, was a fulfilling […]