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March 16

Going for Broke

Go for broke is a phrase from Hawaiian Pidgin meaning “to wager everything”. It was the motto of a World War II Japanese-American military unit, the 442nd Infantry Regiment. Go for broke or going for broke. Source: Wikipedia. My teacher used to say that in life you have three choices: 1) Give up 2) Give in […]

March 15

Hiking the Cliffs of San Francisco

Today my friends and I hiked the cliffs of San Francisco. We took a short hike then had a picnic on a large landing spot along the California coastal trail. We explored Fort Cronkhite and Rodeo Beach. In terms of natural splendor so close to the City, this place is unsurpassed. There’s lots of WWII […]

December 14

The 20th Season of SantaCon

And with that, SantaCon hit San Francisco starting in Union Square spreading to North Beach, The Mission, Polk Street, you name it. The annual national celebration across 300 US cities takes drunk revelers on bar crawls in public displays of disorderly celebration. How drunk are we talking about? ‘Tis the season for keep your kids at […]

November 24

7 Days in Germany: Home in San Francisco

After seven wonderful days abroad, I have arrived back in San Francisco. How I miss my home town. The city of Emperor Norton, the city that popularized the Irish Coffee, the city of social deviants… how I missed thee. Time to see Max and Zoe, enjoy Starbucks iced coffee the way it should be made, and […]

February 21

Word Cup Brazil

My next adventure is coming up fast. Me and my friends from Google are heading to World Cup Brazil. This all just got real. I am the first to admit that I am not an avid soccer fan. I am however a fan of random adventures and trips with friends. But first a little context, […]