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August 01

Ignition gets remixed by Blue Turtle Seduction

Blue Turtle Seduction transforms R.Kelly’s Ignition into a campground stage throw down. This is the remix to ignition.

July 20

Teenage Dream

You think I’m pretty Without any makeup on You think I’m funny When I tell the punchline wrong I know you get me So I let my walls come down, down Before you met me I was alright but things Were kinda heavy You brought me to life Now every February You’ll be my Valentine […]

July 09

Steve Grand’s ‘All-American Boy’ Becomes A Gay-Themed Country Music Hit On YouTube

via Huffington Post. He’s a musician without a record label, a card holder without any remaining credit. And the gig that supplies what he calls “food money” may now be in jeopardy. But after events of the last week, Steve Grand said “I would die a happy man today,” and not for the reasons he’s […]

June 26

Don’t Trust Me

“Don’t Trust Me” (commonly referred to as “Don’t Trust a Ho”) is the second single by the band 3OH!3 and the third track from their second album Want. The official video begins with words being typed on the screen stating “A global virus of catastrophic proportions has attacked the entire male population. Only two male […]

May 31

Mission Bells

I had a dream you died And I just wanna be with you tonight Mission bells were ringing Somewhere higher I let you get away I let you get away What kind of man misunderstands A woman like you? She’s her in black and white It’s 5 am and the phonebook says That you’re not […]