Monthly Archives: November 2013

November 21

Channing Tatum 1, Jean Claude Van Damme 0

Channing Tatum spoofs Jean Claude Van Damme stunt. Have I mentioned how much I love this man?

November 20

Harry Potter Wanders Penn Station, Looking for Platform 9 3/4

The latest in Improv Everywhere’s ‘Movies in Real Life’ series features a kid playing Harry Potter wandering Penn Station to find his way to Hogwarts.

November 19

Why Hans Zimmer Got the Job You Wanted (And You Didn’t)

Via Soundtracks and Trailer Music. I worked for Hans Zimmer for about 8 years, 5 of which were in a studio at Remote Control, his facility in Santa Monica. Since leaving Remote, many people have said to me, usually in a conspiratorial tone of voice, things like this: Hans doesn’t really write his own music. […]

November 18

Report: Sony Entertainment Looking at $100 Million in Cuts

November 17

How’s Your Friend?

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE It’s a Tuesday. I’ve stopped at my grandparents for a quick visit. Anyone who’s met them knows they’re delightful people and not just in the way that all grandparents are. We catch up and have a few laughs before I say I have to head home to make dinner.…

November 16

Star Wars Subway Car

For their latest mission, Improv Everywhere staged a reenactment of the first Princess Leia / Darth Vader scene from Star Wars on a New York City subway car.

November 14

What It Feels Like to Be on Welfare

via the Huffington Post. By Brenda Della Casa Author of “Cinderella was a Liar”; Owner & Editor-in-Chief: Staggered Magazine; Editor-in-Chief, Preston Bailey Designs; Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Life In Style Not too long ago, I woke up, grabbed my iPhone and popped onto Facebook to see what I had missed since falling asleep. What can […]