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November 18

Report: Sony Entertainment Looking at $100 Million in Cuts

November 17

How’s Your Friend?

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE It’s a Tuesday. I’ve stopped at my grandparents for a quick visit. Anyone who’s met them knows they’re delightful people and not just in the way that all grandparents are. We catch up and have a few laughs before I say I have to head home to make dinner.…

November 16

Star Wars Subway Car

For their latest mission, Improv Everywhere staged a reenactment of the first Princess Leia / Darth Vader scene from Star Wars on a New York City subway car.

November 14

What It Feels Like to Be on Welfare

via the Huffington Post. By Brenda Della Casa Author of “Cinderella was a Liar”; Owner & Editor-in-Chief: Staggered Magazine; Editor-in-Chief, Preston Bailey Designs; Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Life In Style Not too long ago, I woke up, grabbed my iPhone and popped onto Facebook to see what I had missed since falling asleep. What can […]

November 10

30 Things To Do Before You Die

Via Mind Body Green. Most bucket lists include things like, “Go on an adventure in a far-off land,” “Learn a new language,“ or “Buy a dream car.” Although all these experiences can make our lives more exciting, the reason we crave these activities goes a little deeper. What drives each of these desires is one common connector, an innate […]

November 09

One Night in Playland

So it was supposed to be a quiet evening at home. You know the type of night bookended by “Murder She Wrote” and a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked. Then Playland happened. Playland was a 10-acre seaside amusement park located next to Ocean Beach at the western edge of San Francisco, California along the […]

November 05


What if living your dream meant living a lie? Stunning, emotional video presses the I.O.C. to condemn anti-gay discrimination in Russia.

November 03

SNL Spoofs “What Does the Fox Say?” With “What Does My Girl Say?”

SNL Spoofs “What Does the Fox Say?” With “What Does My Girl Say?” “SNL” parodied the European dance song, “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” with a video called “What Does My Girl Say?”

November 02

Coming Out

Awesome post from Joe Osseus. Congrats Joe! Coming Out. I finally did it! After a number of years of knowing I can now confidently say “I am Gay”. Not long after coming to University I came out to my friends, the people I was living with and just about anyone who asked. But for a […]

November 01

Yahoo’s Mayer on the Talent Hunt for Tech Journalists (Even From AllThingsD!) (Kara Swisher/AllThingsD)