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November 25

A Perspective on Thanksgiving

November 24

Think Tank: Thanksgiving

Originally posted on Zoë Lance.:
? Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Despite the history and commercialization (which are complete downers I’m not going to talk about tonight), I think Thanksgiving is a moment that Americans need and need to share. Beyond the food, the thing I love about Thanksgiving is that it’s an opportunity…

November 27

The Family Thanksgiving Tradition You Just Can’t Stand – White House Edition

Good to know even the President of the United States isn’t exempt from teenage side-eye. It’s like a parental rite of passage. Today, President Obama held the annual tradition of pardoning a turkey. Best part about the ceremony was that his daughters – Sasha and Malia – could barely contained their disdain for the production. […]

November 26

6 Facts About Beer to be Grateful About on Thanksgiving Day

Originally posted on Beer and Burger News:
The first Thanksgiving Day is supposed to be held in Massachusetts in 1621 and was officially celebrated in the USA as a bank holiday in 1863. From that year onwards Americans throughout their country, in Canada and around the world are celebrating this day with a grand feast. It’s…