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August 30

Travel Reblogs: Look and do

August 09

Travel Reblogs: A White Dress

July 06

Beautiful day for some pet photography

July 02

You Don’t Take A Photograph, You Make It.

Originally posted on Through Open Lens:
F/2.5, 1/60, ISO 100. Day 186 / 365 We all have a photographic memory.  Just some of us are lacking the film. Interesting Fact: Long before the first public announcements of photographic processes in 1839, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, a scientifically-minded gentleman living on his country estate near Chalon-sur-Saône, France,…

May 29

Game Night in the East Bay

Tonight took me to the East Bay for a night celebrating a close friend’s birthday. We drank French champagne, ate awesome vegetarian stew and played a variety of board games. It is nights like these when I remember the deep importance of being earnest, the importance of friends. Everyone had good news to share. One couple […]

February 04

Evening in Bali

It was a decade ago that I was last in Bali. I was visiting the island on a graduation trip with one of my close college buddies. We went surfing, explored the food and hiked the mountains. Now a good friend is in Indonesia and experiencing the island life. I am sharing a photo from […]

January 03

Picture of the Day: Barbecuing On Top of a Moving Submarine

Originally posted on TwistedSifter:
Photograph via shanbuscus on reddit ? In this vintage photo from 1983, we see crew members of the HMAS Onslow barbecuing a healthy amount of sausages on top of the submarine while it is still moving! The photo was scanned and posted to reddit by shanbuscus, whose father took the photo.…

December 17

Life on the Beach

Life is better at the beach, isn’t it? I mean, we believe in the philosophy so much that we made it our motto. Days seem to pass so quickly. It is nice to stop. And watch the shadows change as the sun rises, hits its peak, and then sets. A drink at the beach – […]

September 14

The Weather It Is A Changing

September 08

Abu Dhabi | Sunset at the Marina Yacht Club

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