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July 07

Looking back on my trip to Panama

Awesome time in Panama and glad to be back. A few factoids from the trip: 1) It is harder than it looks to dodge a Colombian cougar. 2) Captain Morgan rum is named after 17th-century English admiral, privateer, and pirate, Sir Henry Morgan, who ransacked and destroyed Panama City. 3) It takes a ship about […]

Day 2 from Panama

Spending one extra day in Panama City before heading out to the countryside. I have been reading up on the history of the country and the U.S. involvement in South American affairs. I love everything about the country and I feel like my next few trips will be back to Latin America: Colombia, Guatemala… My […]

June 29

Day 1 from Panama

Day 1 in Panama. What a remarkable country. I spent today along the canal, then checking out Casco Viejo. I met some really cool Argentinians who a tagged along with for sightseeing. The dogs and cats I have passed make me miss Max and Zoe. This afternoon I am resting up and catching up on […]