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November 14

What It Feels Like to Be on Welfare

via the Huffington Post. By Brenda Della Casa Author of “Cinderella was a Liar”; Owner & Editor-in-Chief: Staggered Magazine; Editor-in-Chief, Preston Bailey Designs; Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Life In Style http://www.bdclifeinstyle.com Not too long ago, I woke up, grabbed my iPhone and popped onto Facebook to see what I had missed since falling asleep. What can […]

August 06

Seattle Author’s Powerful Self-Written Obituary Goes Viral

via Huffington Post. Seattle-based author and editor Jane Catherine Lotter had many accomplishments in her life — notably, a weekly humor column called “Jane Explains” and a recently published comic novel, The Bette Davis Club — but at the end of her life, she didn’t define success in terms of her career achievements. Lotter passed away of […]

July 09

Steve Grand’s ‘All-American Boy’ Becomes A Gay-Themed Country Music Hit On YouTube

via Huffington Post. He’s a musician without a record label, a card holder without any remaining credit. And the gig that supplies what he calls “food money” may now be in jeopardy. But after events of the last week, Steve Grand said “I would die a happy man today,” and not for the reasons he’s […]