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August 02

Coming Out to Siri…

National Coming Out Day was a few weeks back but perennially shirtless vlogger Davey Wavey waited a bit to tell his iPhone he’s gay. My favorite line: “Your hair is gayer than Elton John blowing Barney at a figure skating competition on John Travolta’s private plane.”

Previously on Arrested Development

Posted via Previously.TV. [Previously on¬†Arrested Development¬†Power Rankings: Seasons 1-3 were rendered perfect through the mists of time, every character was a flawless fount of hilarity in every episode, your mother never complained about your career choices, young men always held the door for old ladies, and babies never cried on airplanes. So let’s just say […]

Blister In The Sun

When I’m out walkin’, I strut my stuff — yeah, I’m so strung outI’m high as a kite; I just might stop to check you outLet me go on… like I blister in the sunLet me go on… big hands, I know you’re the one Body and beats, I stain my sheets — I don’t […]

Boyz-N-The Hood

Boyz-N-The-Hood Woke up quick at about noon Just thought that I had to be in Compton soon I gotta get drunk before the day begins Before my mother starts bitchin’ about my friends About to go and damn near went blind Young n***** on the pad throwin’ up gang signs I went in the house […]