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April 16

The Most Memorable Queer Characters Of “The Golden Girls”

The Most Memorable Queer Characters Of “The Golden Girls” Buzzfeed did a fantastic survey of LGBT moments from “The Golden Girls.” The Golden Girls has always been popular among the gays. Here are the LGBT characters who popped up throughout the years.

April 13

Super Friends – Golden Girls Edition

What happens when four super friends retire and move to Miami to share a ranch style home? This is a pilot I’d like to propose to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, if I knew anyone who worked there, and if all the licenses could be obtained. Thanks to Andrew Gold for the composition of Thank You […]

March 06

Buzzfeed Take on “Why Gay Men Still Love “The Golden Girls””

Check out this article from Buzzfeed on “Why Gay Men Still Love “The Golden Girls.””  Gay culture has long embraced this show as have I. “Even in 2014, being gay in a predominantly straight world isn’t always easy. It helps to have true friends by your side, the kind who won’t judge you for taking an […]

August 23

Bea Arthur Dog Park

We can now add Suffolk, Virginia, to the growing list of cities that recognize that dogs deserve better than life on a chain. The gays love Bea Arthur and now we love Suffolk, Virginia.