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May 25

Channing Tatum Saturday – Sexiest Man Alive

Week 4 of the Channing Tatum experiment. Today is just a photo of the sexiest man alive. I am dedicating today to my friend Jan who shares my interest in Channing. She and I have sat through some god awful movies in the name of this guy.

Channing Tatum Saturday – I Wanna Channing All Over Your Tatum

It is week 3 of the Channing Tatum Experiment. Let’s roll it back to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and when Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx coined the phrase, “I Wanna Channing All Over Your Tatum.” On Oscar night, Sunday February 24, 2013, the phrase was born in reference to a spiritual phenomenon in which you commit […]

Channing Tatum Saturday – 5 Things About Channing

I am continuing the Saturday blog series on Channing Tatum. Today’s entry is on 5 things you may not know about Channing Tatum. 1. Born April 26, 1980 in Cullman, Alabama — he’s of Native American, Irish, and French descent. His mom was an airline employee and his father worked in construction. 2. Got his […]

Happy Channing Tatum Saturday!

I am starting a new tradition on my blog. Every Saturday will be dedicated to His Royal Highness Channing Tatum. Over the next 52 weeks you will learn about the master of Step Up, the keeper of all things cool, and the man who has the hair we all wish we had. Happy Channing Tatum […]