Monthly Archives: March 2014

March 12

Dogs ‘Muttbomb’ Celebrities to Boost Adoptions

An adoption campaign is looking to boost adoptions and reduce the number of animals that animal shelter euthanizes. Sandy the dog “muttbombed” celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres and Brad Pitt as they posed at the Oscars for the now-famous star-studded selfie. Read the full blog post, but this is a wonderful idea to save […]

March 11

Kill, Marry, F#@k Game

The Rules of Kill-Marry-F#@k (KMF): When given a choice of three names, the players must decide who they would prefer to kill, marry, or f#@k. For example this round of K-M-F, we’ll go with Channing Tatum, Taylor Lautner, and Zac Efron. Player: I’ll marry Channing because he’s funny, sleep with Taylor because he’d be crazy in […]

March 10

First Kiss – Watching complete strangers kiss for the first time

A film creator, Tatia Pilieva, asked 20 complete strangers to kiss on camera for the first time, and the result was not as awkward as you would think. This is beautiful.

March 09

Sunday Morning with Fun

Here’s the tracklist with times: 1. Be Calm (0:00) 2. Benson Hedges (04:10) 3. All The Pretty Girls (08:10) 4. I Wanna Be The One (11:33) 5. At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be) (15:09) 6. Light A Roman Candle With Me (19:17) 7. Walking The Dog (22:22) 8. Barlights (26:02) […]

March 08

Dog Rules

Welcome to my house! These are rules to keep in mind when talking to a dog owner.

March 07

Pound It

Better than a high five. Two people both call something, They pound it. Fist together. “Told ya the cops would come.” “Yup… pound it.”

March 06

Buzzfeed Take on “Why Gay Men Still Love “The Golden Girls””

Check out this article from Buzzfeed on “Why Gay Men Still Love “The Golden Girls.””  Gay culture has long embraced this show as have I. “Even in 2014, being gay in a predominantly straight world isn’t always easy. It helps to have true friends by your side, the kind who won’t judge you for taking an […]

March 05

AIDS LifeCycle Year 2, An Invitation to Participate

A Ride to End AIDS For my 2nd year, I am riding in AIDS LifeCycle and have committed to raising $10,000 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. From June 1-7, I will cycle from SF to LA to raise money for HIV / AIDS awareness, research and funding. Please consider donating to help look for […]

March 04

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway Announces he won’t Appeal Gay Marriage Ruling

Today Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway announced he will not appeal a judge’s order to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states or jurisdictions. Attorney General Conway joins the attorneys general of California, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Virginia, as well the Attorney General of the United States, in concluding that discriminatory marriage laws are inconsistent with […]

March 03

City View: San Francisco

San Francisco (Spanish for “Saint Francis”) was founded on June 29, 1776, when colonists from Spain established a fort at the Golden Gate and a mission named for St. Francis of Assisi a few miles away. San Francisco isn’t like other cities. It’s only 7-by-7 miles, making it America’s tiny urban treasure. San Francisco embodies […]