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Random Thought of the Night

Random thought of the night. My friends weren’t the ones who liked to color within the lines when they were kids. That’s why they’re awesome.

Man gets his last Whopper during his funeral procession

  Now I am a vegetarian, so not the target audience for the Whopper. But this guy REALLY loved his Whoppers. via A Pennsylvania man who died at age 88 was buried Saturday — but not before a stop at Burger King on the way to the cemetery for a Whopper Jr. The York […]

Happy Oz Day!

Why celebrate Australia Day? As one commercial proclaims, Australia Day is a chance to say thank you for beaches, lamington drives, Kylie and our democratic right to give dead arm. The day commemorates the establishment of the first settlement at Port Jackson in 1788. Port Jackson is now Sydney, and Sydney is now one of the best […]

Signs You’re a Backpacker


  Following yesterday’s post, this is one more way to live in 2013. #WhyNot? Life’s too short.

If you could live one year by a phrase, what would it be?

If you could live one year by a phrase, what would it be? I have often thought about this concept. To encapsulate an experience or an experience to be… 2013 for me would be: “Say it before it’s too late.” What is yours?

A List of People Injured or Killed by Guns on ‘Gun Appreciation Day’

via Gawker. Here is a list of people injured or killed by guns on ‘Gun Appreciation Day.’ Thank you to Gawker for pulling this list together. A 14-year-old suburban Atlanta boy shot and killed his 15-year-old brother while playing with their mother’s handgun. A 26 year old was shot and killed while driving in San Francisco. A woman in […]