February 02


Where It All Began: “The X-Files”


“The X-Files” has always held a special place in my heart.

In high school, I got my break in entertainment and in public relations, working for 20th Century Fox and on the show. With the return of “The X-Files”, I found myself getting a bit emotional, nostalgic, excited in ways that I never expected.

My high school, college and early professional years were spent on the 20th Century Fox lot. I didn’t cry when I left high school nor college. I did cry when I left Fox. For almost a decade, I worked at the studio and it paid for college.

And when I found myself lost in life, I found myself on the set of “The X-Files” (when it was produced in Los Angeles). I walked the hallways and quietly watched the production. I remember being around the writers who helped me understand what made a good story.

Selfishly, I loved getting the scripts and watching the dailies ahead of the final episode airing for work. I would cram for my classes, so I could focus on my work at the studio.

Today now a civilian outside the entertainment industry, I eagerly await each week as the show’s episodes return like everyone else.