June 12


The Price of Hate

Castro 3

Given the ongoing coverage of the shooting in Orlando, it is going to be hard to come up with a new angle. So I can just share a personal one.

I am disheartened, but what has happened. I look back on my history, the gay history, and see massacres stretching back.

So today we find ourselves in Pride Month. And we realize, for as far as we have come, we still have a ways to go. And for me, this is more than just a hate crime, this is a crime against all of us.

I hope, similar to the Stonewall Riots, we can use the tragedy to enact change and reign in the gun laws in this country. Maybe some good can come out of this.

“Out of the bars and into the streets.” We, the queer community, we’re strong, we’re resilient, we have survived for decades. We know how to fight the long battle and we will win.