January 07


Great Adventure – part 3

Texas Heat

“Where a tale begins and where it ends matters.” – Epitaph by Mary Doria Russell

I hope to tell this well. Hmm…. how to begin.

The Algerian war of Independence had been raging since 1954 and was about to end in July 1962. France was embroiled in all manner of discourse re the pros and cons of the war.

The country was split. Just as Viet Nam divided the U.S., the Algerian war tore at the heart of France.

And there we were. Stranded. Broke. And quickly the adventure turned to concern. Real concern.

About the second day on Ibiza we were forced to face a hard fact. We were almost broke and barely had enough money between us to make it back to Heidelberg barring some unforeseen disaster.

Time to get serious.

Reluctantly we boarded the ship and sailed for Barcelona. The need to get home hung like a…

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