January 01


2016 Resolutions


So in looking back at 2015 Unresolutions, I did pretty well with focusing on my goals and tackling my resolutions.

This year I am getting pretty specific on what I want to achieve. I am narrowing it down to 6 goals.

Career – Focus on my job. Accomplish 1 major career enhancement or education, 1 time per quarter.

Community – Involve myself in 3 communities. Grow my San Francisco family.

Energy – Study energy. Look at 3 new ways to achieve energy balance – meditation, Reiki and yoga.

Exercise – Add a regular workout to my already busy day (at least 3x – 5x workouts per week). Achieve my goal weight or 175 pounds.

Fashion – Reinvent myself through fashion. Incorporate 10 – 15 new outfits.

Feather – Redecorate my loft.