Seasons of Max


At some point the people who read my blog will ask me to stop posting about my dog Max. However that may not happen since a lot of readers are dog owners (and specifically dads and moms of pitbulls.

Today is Max’s adoptionversary. 6 years ago my life was made incredibly better. I was visiting Illinois and had been looking for a dog for a year.

I visited this awful animal shelter in the middle of the state and was looking at all the poor dogs that needed a home. In the back of one cage was a little guy cowering.

They called him Scratch. Well he had fleas and mange and wasn’t too happy. The moment I walked him outside and he squat down and peed like a female dog I knew he was coming home with me.

Since the dog was like any other dog, I named him Max. He is special, but a mutt just the same. Two days later we were driving across country with my best friend back to San Francisco.

Today Max and I visited a dog park with his buddy Kalina and my buddy Kevin. The four of us played ball and Max also got a new leash and collar. We talked to a few other pitbull owners and shared stories.

Welcome home Max. It is good to have you.