Pretty Different..

Glitters and Mayhem

If beauty was defined in one sentence it has to be “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. We all have different opinions, tastes and “rules” to something we find beautiful. Designers love to use “special” models nowadays, the stranger the better.

Diesel launched it’s campaign “the only person that can make you feel that you aren’t beautiful, is you” with Winnie Harlow, a model with vitiligo.
Winnie Harlow got discovered on youtube and became a supermodel.
As beauty isn’t defined by age, we learned to know Carmen Dell’orefice, 83 years old and still a model. She got featured in campaigns for Rolex!
Latest we notice a lot of transgender, androgyn models on the runway.
Rain Dove and Elliot Sailors feature in both man/female campaigns, with her strong androgyn look she presents clothes, not gender.
Andreja was born as Andrej, a transgendermodel that is loved by Jean Paul Gaultier. Same as…

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