March 25


The common mistake made by a serial monogomist

liberated passion

Serial Monogamist (as defined by Urban Dictionary); one who spends as little time as possible being single, moving from the end of one relationship to the beginning of a new relationship as quickly as possible.

The number one common mistake made by a serial monogamist is the fact that you do not realize you are one. In the midst of an agonizing downfall in my third serious relationship all of my friends labeled me the serial monogamist of our group. Countless “love yourself” lectures were consistently repeated over and over again. I quickly became OVER IT. I began to rebuttal my new-found label listing ways of how I did love myself and how I am growing as an individual with my significant other. I often found myself repeating this line, “I can become a wholesome being on my own side by side with him; we help each other grow.” In…

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