October 04


An Afternoon on the Vineyard at Olivia Brion

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Today my friends and I spent the afternoon taking private wine tours and tastings in Napa. It was an incredible day of laughing, eating, and drinking.

One winery that stood out was Olivia Brion. The winemaker David – a man with 34 years of winemaking experience – taught us so much about what goes on from grape to glass.

The name of the winery comes from a women’s rights activist and descendant of a winemaking family in the early 20th century. “This wine is an homage to Olivia Brion, suffragette and descendent of a great French wine family. In 1905 Olivia, wearing long pants and short tresses, stunned the sporting world – and won a huge wager – by outrunning a locomotive from Canterbury to Maidstone. Later in life she ignited a furor by publishing passionate letters from her many paramours including Warren Harding, Paul Gauguin, Charles Chaplin and Isadora Duncan.”*

So if you get a chance, check out Olivia Brion.

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[Source: Olivia Brion website.]