What if there was no social media…..

Nicole Roberts, BsCH

(As much as I love it) What if there was no social media….?


Would we get over our ex’s faster?

Would we stop playing the lose-lose comparison games & be happier letting our lives just be what they are, rather than a show to parade in front of others?

Would we think of ourselves and our lives as worthy without being able to count the number of likes to judge significance?

Would we go to pretentious clubs and sip overpriced cocktails on patios with people we don’t like if there weren’t any pictures to show as proof of how “cool” we can be on a Friday night?

Would we take selfies? If a selfie is taken and no one else ever sees it, does it really exist? But all jokes aside, who would we be taking them for? Ourselves?

Would we be more present? If we weren’t concerned with taking…

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