Michael Douglas Says American Actors Are Too Asexual And Not Enough Like Channing Tatum



Everyone knows C-Tates can transform the aisles at your local multiplex into a slip and slide with just a twerk and grind when the audience is 96 percent female, but now comes an even stronger testament to his raw sexuality. In a recent interview, Michael Douglas used Channing Tatum as an example of who “asexual” American actors should emulate. And you know you’ve arrived as a sexual icon when you’re getting the male gaze from the P*ssy Eater In Chief.

Douglas was full of advice in a new interview with the Independent:

…the Brits and Australians are taking many of the best American roles.

“Clearly, it breaks down on two fronts. In Britain they take their training seriously while in the States we’re going through a sort of social-media image-conscious thing rather than formal training. Many actors are getting caught up in this image thing which is…

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