My attitude towards Pride has changed from dismissal to respect

The Alteran Blog

I used to think privilege was a nonsense concept, and I used to think that Pride was unnecessary. These two misconceptions are related.

Privilege, loosely defined, is what some people have when they enjoy social advantages by virtue of belonging to a certain group. Privilege (as well as being a symptom of a wonky social structure) can lead to biases and prejudices. Though one would hope that everybody was fantastically empathetic, the reality is that people’s empathy typically only stretches so far. People have a tendency to think other people think and experience things in the same way as themselves. This is the False Consensus Bias/Effect.

And so it was for me as a white-middle class-cisgender-gay male in Hertfordshire right next to London. Growing up, and in school, I didn’t really encounter homophobia. The word ‘gay’ was used as a negative, and I can recall about 3 occasions where…

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