19 Scientifically Proven Ways “Love” Affects Our Bodies Like A Drug

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We often think of love as something spiritual—a matter of the “heart” and “mind”—but we sometimes forget that the heart and brain are also parts of our body. Here are 19 ways that being in love literally affects your body.

1. “Love at first sight” is real, and it’s caused by chemicals.

Researchers claim that merely by looking at someone, a person can fall in love in one-fifth of a second due to a sudden increase in a protein known as “nerve growth factor.”

2. Those “butterflies” you feel in your stomach are also caused by chemicals.

Falling in love causes a spike in adrenaline, which induces the “fight or flight” instinct. If you don’t flee, you’ll usually stay. And you won’t fight—at least not at first.

3. Your pupils will dilate when you look at your lover.

A person’s pupils naturally expand when looking at something they…

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