February 21



Hintergedanken is a thought way, way, way in the back of your mind. Something that you know deep down but can’t admit.

Also defined as Hintergedanke (der) n. ulterior motive, motive that the background or reason for it is unclear.

This blog post gives a good perspective on why the word is important. Check out “Are you aware of the “Hintergendanken” in the back of your mind?”

“Being aware of the Hintergendanken at the back of your mind is giving yourself permission to become a whole person, conflicted neither within or without, that’s empowering, transformative and evolutionary, helpful and of value to the world whereby we must become the very change we seek in others and have the wisdom to first take the beam out of our own eye before seeking clearly enough how to take the splinter from our brother’s eye.”