January 22


The Things Dogs Teach Us

Nicole's Narratives

Dogs really are “man’s best friend.” I’ve grown up with them and I’m confident in saying that dogs teach us some of the greatest life lessons.

Babies wet their dippers. Puppies wet the carpet.

Babies spit up food. Puppies spit up whatever it was they weren’t suppose to eat that day.

Babies put things in their mouths. Puppies put things in their mouths.

Babies cry in the middle of the night. Puppies cry in the middle of the night.

Babies are adorable. Puppies are adorable.

Although I don’t currently have children, I have spend a majority of my life around kids. I babysat my way through middle school, high school and college and if there’s two things children have taught me it’s; 1.) they need a lot of care and 2.) they have a sense of complete innocence.

It’s kind of the same with dogs.


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