College Football Post: Harbaugh Comes Home to U of M, I go to the Stanford Bowl Game

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University of Michigan

Typically I don’t post about football on my blog. And yes a gay boy who loves football? There are so many rules being broken.

Today I know 2015 is going to rock. Jim Harbaugh is coming home to the University of Michigan as the 20th Head Coach of the Football Program. The man who was one of my school’s greatest quarterbacks.

This is it. After a very difficult season, Michigan is going to bring it to the field next season. Hail to the Victors!

Watch the press conference. And of course, let’s revisit the famous Bo Schembechler speech.

Stanford v. Maryland

This evening I went to the Foster Farms’ Bowl Game at Levi’s Stadium. Stanford kicked the University of Maryland’s ass. It was an excellent game, albeit extremely cold.

Below are some photos from the game with me and my friends. Final score. Maryland 21 / Stanford 45.