December 05


Why America needs a new Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk

Can't rest with the unrest

“If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet shoot down every closet door.”  -Harvey Milk

The Harvey Milk foundation leads Milk’s legacy after he was shot on November 27, 1978.  Unlike other public figures, Milk knew he was going to be assassinated.  But the amount of change that he could make drove him to his death.  Harvey Milk was a selfless gay rights activist who declared that “hope will never be silent,” who rioted, who protested, who gave up his life for the cause.

He did not only speak for the gay community.  He protested for women’s rights and racial rights.  In 1978, he was elected the first gay man to be in public office.  He established an anti-discrimination bill, a daycare center for working mothers, low-cost housing using old military buildings, and he created opportunities for lower class work.

When Milk’s assassinator, Dan White, was released from jail…

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