December 04


21…Jump Street!!



Finaly it is the weekend again and I could not help but rewatch one of my favourite comedies 21JumpStreet(2012). Directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord made one hell of a film with this one. Basically this is just another High School film with all the parties, the drugs and the drama with a twist. Multiple ones. Schmidt(Jonah Hill) is your everyday nerd who is fighting just to get noticed. Jenko(Channing Tatum) is your high school jock. In other words the guy who gets the girl and is Mr Popular.

Fate, though has decreed that these two guys end up being police officers and unlikely friends. This movie definetly embraces stereotypes and is not afraid to show it. Capt Dickson(Ice Cube) is their boss after a failed arrest and the duo are sent to highschool again, this time as cops, to bust a drug operation.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum areā€¦

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