World Cup Day 12: Gay Night Life in Rio and an Artist Loft in the Middle of the City

World Cup Day 12: An Artist Loft in the Middle of Rio

We are winding up our trip to Brazil. The last week is proving to be a strong finish to 2+ weeks in paradise.

Today we watched the USA vs. Belgium at an artist loft in the middle of Rio de Janeiro. Journalists from the news wire services, startup CEOs, technology workers from Google and IBM, and ex-patriots joined us to cheer on the Americans. It was a bit surreal since the rooftop deck looked out over Rio and was wedged between the Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain. The scene reminded me of the artist commune I went to with my ex-boyfriend in Paris 10 years ago.

Following the party, we went out in search of the gay bars of Rio and some food. Every gay bar we went to seemed to be a pizzeria. I have been to gay bars in about 40 countries. Brazil’s proved to be the most full of carbs. That said, I met a hot guy last night. He tried his best, but I am a one-night stand kind of guy. I will always accept a free drink though, especially absinthe.